30W fast charge plug details - block

Input power: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Output (USB-C):
5.0V/3.0A, 9.0V/3.0A, 12.0V/2.5A, 15.0V/2.0A 20.0V/1.5A, 30.0W max if USB-A output is not in use.
Output (USB-A):
5V/2.4A max

Power Delivery ultra fast charge
Spend less time waiting on your charge plug thanks to Power Delivery (PD), the new standard of fast charging. Paired with a USB-C cable, Block’s PD-enabled USB-C port delivers more power in significantly shorter times. Block supports fast charge for many smartphones including Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and more.

2 in 1 dual port charges two devices at the same time
Maximise efficiency without sacrificing power output; twin USB-C and USB-A ports allow you to rapidly charge two devices at the same time without losing maximum power. With many of us still in the transitional phase from USB-A to USB-C cables Block provides one solution for all your charging needs.

Versatile Charging for multiple devices
With dual ports you can charge a wide range of products including tablets, smartphones, speakers, headphones and more. And better yet you can charge two at the same time without losing optimum charge speed.

Cable Compatibility
Designed to work seamlessly with our own fast charge cables as well as your existing ones. The right cable makes all the difference to your charging experience.

Smart Charge Technology
Thanks to the smart charge technology, Block will automatically detect the device it’s charging and apply the optimal charging current.  This ensures your device can charge at the fastest speed and won’t overheat.

Built To Last
Trusted to stand the test of time with a solid construction from high quality materials, Block is extensively stress-tested to guarantee quality and durability. Rest assured your devices will stay safe thanks to the built-in overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Compact Design
Compact design striking the balance between output and size. No need to carry around two plugs due to the dual ports, Block is small, lightweight and perfect for travel, allowing you to charge your multiple devices on the go. 

Ink Blue Colour
Block has a premium gloss finish in dark ink blue.