What is it?
We purposefully selected grade 5052 aluminium - commonly used in architecture, aircraft and marine environments - due to its hard wearing and durable nature. To further strengthen the material we anodise it, which is the process of thickening the surface.

Why use it?
As well as its high strength, aluminium is also exceptionally slim and lightweight, so it won’t add additional bulk or weight to your phone or AirPods Pro case.

Grade 5052 is known for its extreme corrosion resistance which means it will age well over time and won’t react to the natural oils in your hand. It can be coloured, polished and engraved easily to give different looks and finishes to the product. 

Eco credentials
Aluminium is endlessly recyclable, with nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use today. It is highly durable and retains its properties indefinitely. Hard anodising protects the material and ensures it is functional for a longer period of time.