glass screen protector details

Keep your phone protected with double tempered glass with exceptional impact and scratch protection. Tempering is the process of heating the glass to approximately 1100 F then quickly quenching it in cold air to reinforce the glass with strength. Click here to discover more about tempered glass. 

Antimicrobial technology
For extra peace of mind, Glass contains antimicrobial technology proven to kill up to 99.99% of most common surface bacterial. This antibacterial agent is long lasting and completely non-toxic.

Perfect clarity
Let your display shine bright and in true colour due to the crystal-clear clarity of our screen protector. It’s also case friendly meaning it is compatible with most phone cases. The ultra-smooth glass feel maintains the touch sensitivity of your screen.

Easy application
Stress free application that’s easy to follow will ensure your screen protector is perfectly aligned to your phone. Minimise bubbles with our streamlined application process which allows you to fit your new screen protector in no time. View the installation video here.

Fingerprint protection
Keep your screen clear and easy to read with built-in fingerprint protection. This advanced technology reduces fingerprint smudges by dispersing oil and grease making them nearly invisible when your screen is turned on.

Eco materials
Innovative application system made from wheat-based ingredients and recycled plastic, combining sustainability and practicality for an easy and precise alignment. We consciously removed as many single purpose items from the applicator as possible in order to reduce waste, whilst still providing a fool-proof application system.