Keep card wallet FAQs

How do I clean my Keep card wallet?

  • To keep your wallet clean we recommend wiping it with a slightly damp cloth.

How many cards does Keep hold?

  • You can store either one or two cards in your wallet.

Does Keep only attach to iPhones?

  • Keep attaches with magnets, so it will attach to the built-in magnet inside your iPhone 12/13 range iPhones, or if you have a MagSafe case with built in magnets.

Do I have to remove Keep from my phone to wirelessly charge?

  • Yes you will need to remove Keep to wirelessly charge or MagSafe charge.

Is it easy to remove?

  • The magnetic connection is secure enough that the wallet will not fall off or accidentally be knocked off the back of your phone. However with a strong push you are able to remove the wallet, then reconnect it making it easy for you to intentionally take on and off.