split MagSafe compatibility iPhone 12 Pro Max

MagSafe compatable without built in magnets

The slim design of our case allows for easy alignment with your MagSafe charger. The strength of the magnetic connection is moderate, which means the charger will find it’s connection point and automatically start charging, but please note the MagSafe may not stay securely attached when picking up your phone. 

Want built-in magnets for superior MagSafe alignment and connection?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max case is also compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max phone - it is fully functioning with correct fit and button alignment. It also features built-in magnets for MagSafe compatibility, which our iPhone 12 range cases do not.

However, as the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is slightly smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera, the camera ring of the case doesn't fit as neatly around the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera, therefore there is a very small 3mm gap around the camera showing the back of your phone.