split wood fiber details

    Distinctive Design - Designed by industry leading designers. Unique dual-material design, aluminum meets tactile wood fiber for understated protection with a contemporary edge.
        Slim - Keep bulky pockets to a minimum with the slim, streamlined design.
            All the Protection You Need - Reassuringly protective with 1mm raised edge to protect your screen.
                Premium Eco Materials - Made from infinitely recyclable anodized aluminum with sustainably sourced wood fiber for durability. We mix recycled wood with PLA and PBAT (both naturally occurring substances derived from corn starch), for a resilient finish.
                    Microfiber Lined - Internally lined with microfiber for extra device protection.
                        Wireless Charging Compatible - Compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe charging technology. The slim design of our case allows for easy alignment with your MagSafe charger. The strength of the magnetic connection is moderate, which means the charger will find it’s connection point and automatically start charging, but please note the charger may not stay securely attached when picking up your phone.