coal drops yard

In Spring 2020 we decided to take a break from the office and get out into London to clear our heads and find inspiration amidst creativity. We ventured to Coals Drops Yard, near Kings Cross, to cleanse our workplace-congested minds and spend some time in the fresh air.

Victorian heritage and contemporary architecture collide in a beautiful canal-side setting to create a modern design destination. With close proximity to world renowned arts and design college, Central Saint Martins, it is a hotspot for creativity and design talent. So much so that Graduate Fashion Week, the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion talent, will take place there this year.

In addition to the college there are stores, restaurants, bars and cafes as well as a beautiful square and spaces to breathe and collect your thoughts. The combination of design studios, boutique stores and established brands generate a vibrant creative atmosphere.

As a fast growing, new brand a lot of planning and strategy meetings are required to make sure we can deliver on our vision. These meetings are critical to our growth but not always conducive to creativity, which is why we find it important to down tools every so often and seek inspiration elsewhere.

We loved escaping here, with the traffic-free cobbled streets and brick arches colliding with the modern industrial architecture to shake away any corporate state of mind.

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