the design process

The design process always starts with you, the user, so we ask ourselves the following questions:

What problem do we need to solve for you?
What are the common complaints?
What needs aren't being met?

This keeps us focused on developing innovative solutions that solve real consumer needs with a thoughtful (and beautiful) simplicity. From our years working in the tech accessories industry we have come across examples of products that facilitate your life, and those which just add a burden. We wanted to make sure that all of the products we create and bring to market have a purpose and make your life easier.

After getting to the root of the issue we want to resolve – such as my charging cables keep getting tangled, my AirPods fall out of my case when I drop them, or, I need multiple products when one could do -  free-hand sketches get the ideas onto paper so we can start to explore concepts.

The concept designs are refined with CADs where every detail is meticulously reviewed. We debate, deliberate, sketch out designs over and over until we are satisfied that every design detail enhances the functionality of the product.  We then work with trusted partners to ensure our accessories will fit the device.

Once the functionality is perfected next comes material, colour and finish choice.

We are continuously searching for the right sustainable materials which deliver on performance, durability, feel and weight as we know our products are designed to be touched everyday. We review the eco credentials of them, such as origin, disposal and longevity and make a choice built on these two factors – performance and sustainable credentials.  For example, the wood fibre used in our phone cases was custom made especially for atom studios in order to be perfect for purpose. We spend a significant amount of time researching colour and texture, because we believe tech accessories don’t have to be boring and dull.

We then work through multiple rounds of sampling and prototyping to bring the idea to life before we sign off on a solution which is just right.

Our winning concept then goes into production, where we are always seeking out new innovations and production methods to reduce our footprint on the environment.

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