We've evolved our packaging.

When we originally designed our packaging, we wanted to ensure it was eco-friendly, but also a premium experience for the shopper. We’ve taken our original concept and 18 months later evolved it to further deliver on those objectives.

The new window cut-out on the front of pack makes it easy to see the color and material of our products when they are on the shelf in store. We know you can often be in a rush when shopping, so we’ve made it easy to spot the right color item from a distance.

We are now using even more eco materials with durable recycled board. Unbleached and natural, our recycled brown board is heavy duty to stand up to the rigours of shipping, so your product gets to you in perfect condition. We’ve also strengthened the hang tag to keep it hanging smartly in store.

The recycled brown board features high quality debossing to maintain our premium eco branding.

Our ‘No plastic and 100% recyclable’ promise is still upheld. We still only use corn starch bags for protection in transit and only plant and vegetable-based inks to color our labels. Natural inks are non-toxic and are safer for both the environment and the consumer.

We’ve also reduced our boxes’ size and shape where possible to improve shipping and transport efficiencies, ultimately meaning more boxes can fit on a pallet so there are less trucks on the road.

Evolving and enhancing all aspects of our business is important to us, whether that’s packaging, product design or our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, so we can continuously deliver on our premium eco brand promise, so you don’t have to compromise.


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