We have made strong progress, from the materials we use in our products and packaging, to the services we are initiating such as full life cycle management enabling used products to be sent back to us and disposed of and recycled appropriately.

Regardless of what it costs, we will always pick materials that deliver on performance and durability as well as having minimal impact on the environment. Where these materials can’t be sourced, we innovate them ourselves, such as the wood fibre used in our phone cases. This ensures our products have longevity and need to be replaced less frequently.

Sustainability is not just about taking actions to minimise our environmental impact. We also focus on our ethical standards as a business, so we only work with suppliers and service providers who share the same ethical values as we do.

We’re always seeking out new production methods and innovations to discover new ways to reduce our footprint on the environment and influence positive change in our industry. 

Just as we are committed to innovation, we are dedicated to taking sustainable steps, from our 100% recyclable packaging to our plant-based inks. But we are not done yet. We know we are just at the start of our sustainable journey. Our belief is that in thinking bigger than ourselves alone, we will try to make a difference. We believe the big differences are just as important as the little ones our products create every day.

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