wood fiber

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What is it?
Specially developed by atom, wood fiber is a combination of recycled wood with PLA and PBAT (two cornstarch-based ingredients).  We worked with our manufacturers to create this material specifically for us to use in consumer tech accessories. This material innovation means that our Split wood fiber is the only case in the world made of this formulation.

Why use it?
The materials used in our cases were chosen to look distinctive, be sustainably conscious and perform well. There is a slight flexibility to the material, so it moves easily enough to take on and off your phone and has a smooth tactility perfect for grip.

Eco credentials
A great alternative to plastic, wood fiber is strong and durable and can also be recycled into itself.

We never use virgin wood, only wood waste product so this material doesn’t require any extra plants or trees to be grown. Plus, it locks carbon into the case through the wood chips.