flat USB-C to Lightning cable

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A unique flat tangle-free USB-C to Lightning cable with interchangeable USB-A connector, for a versatile charging solution.

Our flat cable is designed to stay knot-free for an effortless convenience. This cable comes with a USB-A adaptor head, which can be easily interchanged to suit your USB-A or USB-C plug. Compatible with our mass cable weight.

Silicone cable with aluminium tips designed for maximum durability.

Fixed USB-C connector on one side and Lightning connector on the other, with a detachable USB-A adaptor.

Suitable for the following combinations: USB-C to Lightning, USB-A to Lightning.

Adaptor pouch included to keep your cable and detachable USB-A adaptor safe.

MFI (Made for iPhone) certified for seamless functionality with Apple phones.

This product is compatible with atom studios mass cable weights.

Suitable for the following charging combinations:

USB-C to Lightning

USB-A to Lightning.



"Everything atom studios create is beautifully simple, innovative and sustainably conscious."

anodised aluminium

Smooth, endlessly recyclable aluminium. We purposefully selected grade 5052 aluminium, used in architecture, aircraft and marine environments, due to its hard wearing and durable nature. As well as its high strength, aluminium is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. To further strengthen the material we anodize it, which is the process of thickening, colouring and protecting the surface.


While plastic tends to be made from crude oil that’s extracted from the ground - a non-renewable resource - silicone is made from silica which is easily found in sand. While this can’t be considered an unlimited resource, it’s definitely more abundant. Silicone products can be recycled and are preferable to plastic because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

versatile charging

tangle-free design

ultra-fast charge

made for iPhone

designed in london

keep your cable in place

Designed to work seamlessly with mass cable weight for ultimate convenience. The separately sold cable weight features a channel in the base to fit our flat cables and keep them perfectly in place.

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