Split Silicone Cork Wallet Bundle

Split Silicone Cork Wallet Bundle

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  • Are your phone cases compatible with wireless charging? 

Yes, all of our cases are compatible with QI charging devices. 

  • Are your phone cases compatible with Apple Pay? 

Yes, all of our phone cases are compatible with Apple Pay. 

  • Are your phone cases compatible with MagSafe charging devices? 

iPhone 15 range cases feature built in magnets for the best MagSafe connection and alignment.  

  • How do I clean my phone case? 

We recommend that you wipe your case with a damp cloth to keep it clean. 

  • Are your cases compatible with screen protection? 

Yes, our cases are compatible with most screen protectors as long as they don’t wrap around the edges of the phone. 

  • What level of protection do your phone cases offer? 

We test our cases rigorously and have designed them to be protective from everyday scratches and bumps whilst maintaining their slim design.

Every phone case features medical grade aluminum which we anodize to further strengthen allowing us to keep a lightweight profile but with reliable protection.

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superior MagSafe compatibility

MagSafe charging compatible with built-in magnets. Featuring 50% larger magnets than the standard magnets used in many other phone cases - all whilst maintaining a slim profile - so you can experience seamless alignment and convenience.

Protective slim cell phone case. 10ft drop protection. Military drop tested. Good drop protection. Real life drops. Strong aluminum case. protects the screen. iPhone 14 protection covers.  Keep your iPhone safe. Best phone cases.

10ft drop protection

We have extensively tested our cases for the real life drops and bumps. This case features an enclosed base and 1mm raised edge to protect the screen. Plus, the strengthened aluminum provides a reassuring level of protection whilst maintaining that all important slim design.

Built to last

The materials used in our cases were chosen to look distinctive, be sustainably conscious and perform well – but above all they must be durable. Designed with this in mind, all our cases have a resilient finish to endure.

unique materials, recycled plastic. extra durable premium materials. made to last. High quality materials built to last. iPhone 14 phone cases. Durable protective phone cover. stylish sustainable.  Well made designed phone covers US. 14 Pro 14 Plus 14 Max
Ultra-soft microfibre lining for extra protection inside of case. Grade A microfiber soft interior. Premium phone case for iPhone 14 range. High quality cell phone cover. iPhone 14 iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max, 14 Plus

grade A microfiber lining

All of our iPhone 14 cases are lined internally with grade A microfiber. This gives your phone the extra level of protection that it deserves.

anodized aluminum

Smooth, endlessly recyclable aluminum. We purposefully selected grade 5052 aluminum, used in architecture, aircraft, and marine environments, due to its hard wearing and durable nature. As well as its high strength, aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. To further strengthen the material we anodize it, which is the process of thickening, coloring, and protecting the surface.

High quality premium materials. strong aluminum, recyclable eco materials. Hard wearing durable long lasting phone case. Protective metal phone case. Soft silicone. Extra grip, silky smooth sand-based silicone sustainable planet friendly eco phone cover


While plastic tends to be made from crude oil that’s extracted from the ground - a non-renewable resource - silicone is made from silica which is easily found in sand. While this can’t be considered an unlimited resource, it’s definitely more abundant. Silicone products can be recycled and are preferable to plastic because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

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